Change is the only Constant

In chi, Nia, vocalising on August 31, 2009 at 1:25 am

Over the past few months I have experienced much upheaval. I have moved homes, and unwillingly ended a beautiful and romantic relationship. On top of these I injured my foot! So no Nia as healing medicine for me! At first I was bitter and resentful that my body would rebel in such a way when I needed the cradle of Nia most. After getting it checked out by a podiatrist, and using orthopedic arch supports, I began to ask my body why it was – quite literally – telling me to stop moving. Once voicing those very words, the answer seemed obvious. My soul was tired and needed rest. As a dancer I move in a very yang (masculine) way. I throw my entire body into the music. It is infrequent when I make the soft, sensual, gentle yin (feminine) energy my partner in my practice. And here my body was demanding that I engage my yin chi (life energy) only. I need to nurture myself. According to sociological research, moving homes, divorce, and death, are the top three most stressful events humans deal with. Well, I was (am) dealing with two of those. So now what? I couldn’t easily walk for about three weeks, so how could I heal and move on without my fail safe method for processing all of life’s curve balls?

Chair Nia

I have a great rolling desk chair in my living room, and with hard wood floors, it’s super easy to roll it all over the place! This served me in my need surprisingly well. By focusing on more core and upper body and arm dancing I accessed deeper parts of my trunk – moving energy that had been lodged in my power chakra (chakra is an energy center in the body) up through my heart chakra and flicked, swept, wiggled, and snapped out through my arms, hands and fingers. Another wonderful experience I had with rolling chair Nia was how much more breath I had for vocalising (and crying!). My usual vocalisations are strong but relatively brief. Moving less allowed me to release energy through my throat chakra as well in the form of sound vibrations. I used my rolling chair for about 2 weeks, and then invested in some excellent running shoes with built in custom arch support.

Nia in runners

For shame! I hear some of you cry! Or, Horror! Shock! But of course, you are joking! Following the pleasure principle is simply the best thing about Nia sometimes. If it feels good, keep going. If it hurts, stop. I am dancing in these great shoes now. I am still careful however, to focus on my yin more than the yang. But I am aware the two energy personalities need to come into balance. I still must tenderly nurture my broken heart, but also find strength to continue facing the world with enthusiasm and joy. And I’ll tell you, that is hard these days. When your heart is broken, it doesn’t get into anything. When your heart isn’t “in it”, as the saying goes… well, you can finish this thought.

My next step (get it? step?) is to do the warm-up in bare feet, and then replace the shoes for the rest of the routine, and slowly extend the time I spend without the shoes on, until I am back to bare feet all the way through. I don’t have a set time-line because I shall listen to what my body tells me it needs.

So there it is. Or rather, this is where I have been. I have been changing, as this is all we really can do. Change IS the only constant in our lives. The real magic comes about when we roll with it and follow the sweep of the curve, not fight rigidly, kicking and punching against that which is ultimately more gentle and insistent on our movement along the path of life.


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