Abundance Technology

In Life skills, mind, Nia, teaching on November 16, 2009 at 1:33 am

Having recently experienced a warm, energizing and opening weekend, I felt drawn to blog again. It’s been a while!

I took part in Denis Karda’s ‘Winalee Weekend’ event, out in Ballinafad, Ontario. Wow. Winalee Zee is a black belt Nia instructor who packs a strong and silly punch! “Dolphins are my greatest teachers!” She says to a pack of Nia teachers from the area. We all giggle and think she’s cute,  but truly, if we only learned more from observing the creatures around us, who share the planet with us, our wisdom would deepen to no end.

Among other things, Winalee shared beautiful and joyful playshops with seasoned Nia teachers all the way to brand new Nia initiates! She also shared uplifting and enlightening messages at the end of each session. And it is one of these messages that has drawn me to write and share with you.

LPG is the technology for abundance. Knowing what LPG is, is all you need to experience abundance in all areas of you life. Wait for it…

L = Love magnetizes abundance to you.

P = Praise magnifies abundance around you.

G = Gratitude – opens you to receive abundance from the universe.

Winalee went on to explain what the opposite of LPG was, and this illustrated to me how many of us, myself included, live on the opposite end of abundance. And then we have the audacity to gripe about our feelings of need! Here is the opposite to LPG: FCE – Fear, Criticism, Entitlement. I know I find endless comfort in my grumpy and grumbly days. Rude people. Annoying chores. Stressful job. I fear failing. I criticize drivers. I think I deserve more money for the work I do just BECAUSE!

Winalee gave credit for this information to someone else, and because I was too caught up in the moment, I failed to take note of his name. If anyone who reads this knows who he is, comment please. He deserves recognition for this beautiful and simple message.

I am officially hopping the fence to live on the side of abundance! I’ll let you know how it goes! Or perhaps I’ll see you there!


  1. Hi Miriam,

    Thank you for sharing the Hawaiian wisdom of Na’au, I did not know about that. Body awareness is a universal focus. It’s what connects us to the Earth, and so if we listen we can know ourselves and the Earth better. I still teach Montessori – but recently I have been in the grade 7 and 8 classroom (that’s 12-14 yr olds!!!). I actually really enjoy it.

    anyhow, I have to run off and do a Haiti Donate & Dance fundraiser! I’ll talk to you later!

    Do you guys use skype?

    If yes, Add me: Kirstie Smallman is the name I use on there.

    lots of love to you all!!!

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