Focus for the Week

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In class this week we will continue to feel TJOM (The Joy of Movement) within our bodies. From last week when we chose a specific part of our anatomy to really hone in on, to connecting to the eyes, head and neck to increase mobility in the shoulders, we will take Dreamwalker deeper still. Feel free to choose another part of your anatomy to put under your ‘witness’s’ microscope, AND imagine a radiating energy or light spreading from your point of focus on your body, into the rest of your body. Joy is contagious! And we WANT it to spread. If you can, see if you can FEEL the warmth, or tingle from your focus, spread across you.

For example: I am choosing my right shoulder joint. I’ve had a little discomfort with some raising and twisting motions, so it needs  some Joy to heal. I am imagining a warm, sunny light all around the ball and socket joint – it looks just like the sun at around noon. As I dance through the warm up, Les Chant de Sirens, I tune my awareness of the muscles and tendons beneath my skin, sensing how they are pulling and stretching, watching for any slight discomfort so that I can tweak my movements to avoid the pain. Pain is our body’s way of saying “stop”.  And if we do not listen, then we run the risk of injury. So, I am deep in my shoulder joint, sensing the tiniest changes and subtlest twinges. I start to feel a warmth in the area. It is a soft, gentle heat, healing the muscles that have been hurt. I allow my awareness to travel with this spreading heat, down my bicep and tricep, over and through my elbow, down my forearm, wrist and fingers. Then I return to my right shoulder joint and spread the heat up and across my trapezius muscles between my shoulder blades and up my neck to the base of my skull.  As the dances continue, I use each movement to access and spread the healing warmth to every part of my body so that the entire class is a healing session, and not just a cardio workout.

I use the sensation of heat in my body because that is what comes most naturally to me. You may use any variety of other sensory techniques to tap into your body’s wisdom and awareness. Be open to what it might be if you have never considered this sort of inner exercise before. Practise sensing it before coming to class. And then if you have questions about how to master this skill we can share our experiences with each other.

See you in class!

LPG (Love, Praise, Gratitude)


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