Calm Simplicity

In Uncategorized on February 11, 2010 at 5:14 am

When learning new bodies of work it is useful to bear in mind that simple is better. Over the 25 year evolution of Nia, Debbie and Carlos Rosas have fine-tuned their choreographing techniques to design and present the best, most effective, healthy and luscious dances.

I recently experienced a playshop with Martha Randall (Black Belt, Toronto) focusing on a body of work (a routine) called Yulunga. It uses music from the band, Dead Can Dance only. It is deeply moving and exotic music, rich with layers upon layers of sound. Tribal vibrations bring you into a deep visceral state, and haunting vocals tempt your imagination away. The original choreography was created by Debbie, and was extremely multi-layered and complex. Our group came together with the intention of  finding a deeper understanding of this body of work, and creating a way of transmitting it gracefully and soulfully to our students.

Martha’s focus for us was Calm Simplicity. Focus on three moves from each kata (song), and blend them together following the dynamics of the music. Because this body of work uses only the music of Dead Can Dance, the focus is the music. Therefore, simplifying the movement allows your mind and emotions to sink into the music while your body sinks into the dance. You can relax into trance-like motions while your mind journeys with the sounds. This can be likened to spiritual experiences akin to meditation. Nia is, in some respects, a movement meditation.

Coming back to reality – driving home along the 401 – I came to realize how we can all apply Calm Simplicity to our everyday lives. Choose 3 – only 3 – things to accomplish per day. They must be key activities that relate to you and your purpose for living, directly. Items on a to-do list such as, laundry, grocery shopping, bill payments, etc. do not count. Think about what really matters to you in your life, pick out three activities or gestures (no matter how small), and act on them at some point in your day. It could be leaving a note in your child’s lunch box, or paying for someone’s coffee behind you at the drive-through, or telling someone you love them with more emphasis than the usual ‘love you, bye!’

Do you see how this Calm Simplicity can be a tool to use LPG (Love, Praise, Gratitude) – abundance technology – in our everyday lives? Simple is powerful. Let me know your feedback after trying out this 3 A Day idea!


  1. I love the idea of using calm simplicity daily! And random acts of kindness are more than delicious! Great post….keep it going on sister. See you at WWW next weekend!

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