Canada’s National Health Show

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On the weekend of October 23rd and 24th, Nia will be featured at Canada’s National Health Show in Toronto! I have been asked to present the half hour demonstration! I feel very honoured.

The day is fast approaching and I have been working on assembling my swirling thoughts on myriad topics that could be the focus of this demo. I want to introduce Nia newbies to this magical and fantastic fitness practice. I also want to attract attention from random passers by. And I only have half an hour!!!

“In through the nose, out through the mouth… ahhhhh!”
What makes Nia so profound?

For me, it is the hundreds of years of movement practice that it is based on. There is deep history present within it as well as cutting edge scientific revelations being discovered on an ever evolving basis. I have seen Nia in the press get shallow comments and reviews that skirt the meat and potatoes of it’s foundation. Truly Joyful movement comes from a deep deep wellspring, and it is this that supports us as we trip and skip along the surface playing. We feel safe and secure with all that knowledge under, behind, and within us, that we can let go with complete abandon!

And this is what I want to impart to the Nia newbie and random passer-by…

My focus will be to demonstrate the 9 movement forms and the 7 cycles present within the Nia class. I have used a combination of classic NiaSounds tunes as well as some “well-known” pop songs to grab the attention of the passers-by who are searching for that special something… and perhaps Nia will fulfill some of that “special”!

I feel nervous and excited about this opportunity. I am a natural stage performer and will not have issues with stage fright, however, I very much want to impart the beauty, depth and freedom that Nia can bring to people. Nia has changed my life on many levels, and I continue to use it as medicine to heal my body, mind and emotions. Doing it justice in the short 30 minute presentation is a large undertaking.


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