Take Care. Be Aware.

In Life skills, mind, Nia, Nia Class, Sensatioin on April 11, 2011 at 7:26 pm

When we take steps to get back into shape, and increase our over all fitness, we must constantly take stock of our situation and adjust to accommodate ourselves. In order to build greater muscle mass to boost the metabolism and increase fat loss, one of the most reliable methods available to us is weight training. However, as this article I am featuring here today states, there is weight training, and then there is weight training. Take a glance down the list of machines that you should avoid in order to avoid injury.

In Nia we have movements that are designed in line with The Body’s Way. The Body’s Way is the most efficiently functional state for the human body. Within The Body’s Way is YOUR Body’s Way. This allows for our unique physical quirks – in my case, an example is I have slightly knock knees from birth. These irregularities in the human body are present in everyone, and we all need to bring awareness to how to adapt fitness regimes that will best serve us. Cramming a cube into a circular space isn’t going to work well at all. And so when pumping iron at the gym, using machines that force us to use linear motions with joints and muscles that are designed to move in arcs, isn’t going to benefit us.
In a typical Nia class, the weight training can be experienced throughout the entire class. The use of levels (low to the ground, mid-level and high – reaching up) as well as the three body weights (pelvis, chest, head) create plenty of built-in weights for us to work with. We push against the floor, the walls, and sometimes each other, in order to activate and strengthen our muscles. Nia classes have also been designed with free weights (Power Hour ) to add intensity to the basic principles we already work with in a Classic Nia class. What is important here is that The Body’s Way is always respected and followed as a guide towards optimal fitness and health.
When you work out, take care of yourself. Be aware of your choices. And just because EVERYONE is doing it (or has been doing it for ages) doesn’t make it right or good for you. Listen to your body through sensation. Activate your sensation scientist self every time you step into your fitness regime!


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