Clarity in Progress

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I have a developing vision for the rest of my life. It includes a blending of my personal and professional paths, because I believe that my healthiest, authentic Self is united. From a place of unity I can create what I truly desire. Fragmented parts of my local or egoic selves will continue to bump and jostle for “first place” and frankly, I am so over arguing within myself! We is ‘I’. Therefore I invite my authentic Self to reside consciously in my body at all times. Her presence will be visceral to my physical vehicle, always grounded and connected to Spirit – Eagle – All That Is.


And from here I create my vision. It starts like this:

A Studio for dance and holistic movement. A resource centre stocked with information – books, DVDs, contacts for healing and health specialists. Special products promoting health and wellness – where anyone with the desire to take conscious responsibility for their holistic health can come and feed themselves on all levels. An education environment for seminars and work/playshops for children, teens, adults, and seniors. A ‘do-it-yourself’ organic juice and smoothie bar! An inviting and comfortable social gathering space for like-minded people to congregate and share laughs and experiences along their conscious journey.

I see bright and large windows with a view of moving water. There are high ceilings, a living wall and clear jewel-tone colours accenting different spaces. This is a sanctuary to all who come here. This place is open to anyone who makes the conscious commitment to heal themselves and share Love with others. There is only Love. This message has been coming to me repeatedly over the past week. Love manifests beauty. So, if there is only Love, then there is only Beauty. And this makes me think of ‘Beauty is in the eye (I) of the beholder.’ I behold mySelf. I am BEing in the present, Now moment, HOLDing my vision of BEAUTY.

I invite you to join me! Respond in the comments with your vision, no matter how vague. Keep talking and writing it and it will define itself. There is only LOVE.

  1. to share growth and creativity along this path of beautiful life!
    thank you for an early inspiration on this day 🙂

  2. You, Kirstie, are a vessel with a vision, all ready to go.

    People are hurting and confused, as cosmic energy ‘2 X 4s’ hit us over the head with our old behavior patterns coming up for release!

    Your vision of healing spaces is, and will be, greatly needed as places for support and help as we catapult thru the ever-intensifying challenges ahead.

    You’re one gal who’s very clear about where to channel her new prosperity!

    Keep posting—great stuff!

    PurrPurrGroomGroom, Epiphania

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