Clarity in Progress Cont.

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I want to share my experience since writing the ‘Clarity in Progress‘ post from (insert date).

The week following my writing the blog, a dear friend told me about a yoga studio in her local area that would be receptive to hosting Nia classes. It was located above a health food store with a loyal clientele and, in her opinion, was a lovely space to dance. I set up a meeting with the owner and class co-ordinator for the coming Saturday morning. As I climbed the stairs to the studio, I saw a handful of young kids, around 10 to 12 years old, milling about and getting their shoes on. A tween yoga class had just ended. Nice! I am such a fan of getting kids, and especially tweens and teens, into a freeing and grounding practice like yoga. The two women I met with were very friendly, and I was shown into the studio. (Cue celestial choral music!)


There were high ceilings. There were two large windows… and wait for it! A VIEW OF MOVING WATER!!! The studio looks out onto the Grand River. It is situated in such a way as to not show the ground below us. I would have to stick my head out of the window to see the sliver of earth between the building’s foundation and the water. I think I was looking out of one of the top row windows in the photo above. It was beautiful. Needless to say I vocalized in wonderment, and this caught the attention of the yoga instructor showing me around! So I told her the story of my recent blog post basically describing this very studio, and in our conversation I went on to describe the basics of Nia, its history and its endless adaptability for all fitness levels and age groups. We settled on a date for a community class (pay what you can) to give the locals a tasty preview, and then a session of six classes if enough interest  was shown (8 people signing up minimum).

Now, I realize that my original blog on ‘CiP’ was describing a living wall and juice bar in a well-equipped centre for holistic wellness, but I also want to credit the details of part of my vision already presenting themselves to me in reality. There is no ‘living wall’ or a ‘do-it-yourself juice bar’ but there is the health food store downstairs. Images and visions we have may seem finished and ready-made in our mind’s eye, but in this world may be stepping stones to a reality we can’t fully imagine yet. I just know this meeting at the yoga studio was a large breadcrumb on my path leading me in a direction I need to follow! Dreams do come true. But the catch is having the dream and then sharing it with others. Being proactive and finding tangible, practical ways to talk about your ideas and passions is key to bringing them about. The trickiest part for me is getting clear on what it is I want… what is it that I want to envision?

It is a work in progress, and for now, I like my studio floating above moving water!

The studio in this blog is, The Paris Yoga Studio in Paris, Ontario.

Thank you for reading, and please comment below with your experiences and thoughts! There is only LOVE.

  1. Paris is a bit if a magical place and as they say”the city of romance” so it completely makes sense that you should fall in love xoxo

  2. What a lovely experience, your vision taking form — that truly is creating your own reality!
    I love what you wrote, brought tears of joy to my eyes because I LOVE to see people’s dreams coming to life for them.
    Abundant love and hugs,

  3. OMG!!! Sooooo exciting Kirstie ~ love this ~ receiving goose bumps… HUGS ~ Leslie ~

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