Go Organic or Stay Sick!

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Every week for the past 2 years I have diligently undertaken the task of shopping for the healthiest foods so that I can heal my body. This article will share the benefits of healthy organic eating, the ease of switching over to organic produce, and the negative side-effects non-organic or GMO produce has on our health.

Eating foods that are fresh are usually the most nutritious for us. The faster a fruit or vegetable gets through our luscious lips, the more alive it is, and therefore the more alive and vibrant it makes us. However, not all fresh produce is created equal. It is totally a buyer-beware situation out there in our markets and grocery stores. Here’s the thing: certified organic food in the produce section at stores are NOT sprayed with pesticides or chemicals, nor are they modified in any way to grow faster and larger. This is GOOD. So, not all tomatoes are going to be perfectly round, and not every single lettuce leaf is going to be free of little holes made by another peckish critter. If a little worm or grub thinks this lettuce is good to eat, then I feel safe eating it too! It’s the shiny, almost glowing produce that sits on the displays week after week, not decomposing at all that worries me.

When we ingest pesticides, chemicals, or GMO food, our bodies don’t recognize it as nutrients. Some of the non-organic tomato fruit cells may be recognized, but the other junk just gets shipped off and stored out of the way in fat cells… Wait, what?!?! The “fresh produce” we eat a ton of (to replace the crappy, nutrient-void/empty carbs like pastas and breads) is making us get fat??? Exactly! AND, it can also make our brains run slower (making us look/feel stupid) and it can prevent absorption of nutrients in the small intestine making us feel sluggish (or lazy). This sucks, in layman’s terms. By eating/drinking our non-organic greens,we still run the risk of getting fat, stupid and lazy! The safest and healthiest thing to do is to go as organic as you possibly can. Local produce is also good, as long as it isn’t sprayed. Always ask the vendor where their food comes from and ask whether they know it’s sprayed. If they don’t know, don’t buy it. Most hot-house produce isn’t sprayed either, so remember that when making your market choices if higher prices for organic labels is an issue for you – it definitely was for me! Also, if you have access to a local farmer’s market, make use of it. There are ridiculous savings to be made buying produce this way. (At the store one organic cucumber is $2.99. At my local farmer’s stand that grows in a local hot house, I get 5 cucumbers for $2.50!) Make a change to your weekly shopping list and make do. It is better to alter your meal plan ideas in the short term, than allow the build up of chemicals it will cause in your body over the long term. Of course the BEST thing you can do is GROW your own veggies! Start small with a few pots of herbs so you don’t get overwhelmed. I really dislike it when my over gets whelmed! đŸ˜‰

Now, things like avocados, bananas, mangoes and pineapples in this part of the world (Southern Ontario) do have to be bought from an overseas vendor. So, I make sure I really want/need those item before they get into my cart.

I decided to write about this topic because I have been profoundly affected by my decision to switch almost entirely to organic produce. I made the decision based on research I had been reading and hearing about regarding the toxins in GMO produce and I finally realized that despite my switching to a gluten free and mostly dairy free diet over a year ago, I was still the same size and weight. This didn’t make sense to me scientifically since everyone and their dogs will drop at least 5 lbs when they go gluten free. When I made the change to organic I dropped about 20 lbs in 2 – 3 months! Incredible. And EVERYONE noticed. I also have more energy and better clarity of thought. I can organize myself better throughout the week because I have the mental stamina to focus for as long as I need to on my tasks. So even if your primary focus isn’t losing weight, making the change to organic will allow you to be better at being YOU. The toxins from sprayed produce don’t just get washed away. They build up and up and up until they reach levels that the body can no longer store. Then we get regular sniffles and colds, are plagued by allergies, get depressed, or the worst tragedy, develop a chronic and/or life-threatening illness like cancer. Read about Kris Carr’s journey from cancer to health with organic green juice HERE.

Tera Warner is another healthy living expert with a lot of information and programs on how to make positive changes to your lifestyle. Check her out HERE.

If you found this article helpful, share it with your nearest and dearest. I love getting new followers! And please, start a discussion about this topic in the comments. I am always interested in new information on this topic.

Peace and Organic Carrots!


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