Earth Steward

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Earth Steward

When I think about this phrase I am struck with a strong sense of responsibility mingled with deep passion and commitment. I love this planet. It is so beautiful, especially where humans have not slathered lush grasses and forests with concrete, or sullied emerald and sapphire waters with toxic sludge! On my journey with Nia I have come to embrace wholistic patterns for living, eating, and thinking. I have also been viewing travel, shopping and human interactions and relationships through this earth steward lens. Are the choices I make on a daily basis sound and in line with my passion for protecting and helping the Earth thrive? Perhaps not 100%; we are all to some degree limited in how we care for our planet. However, it is always possible to improve our actions, or at least become mindful of the times we need to drive the car instead of walk, bike or use public transit.

Recently I became involved with Norwex. Norwex is a direct sales company which manufactures cleaning products that do not harm the environment or human health in any way. Their most popular products are superior quality microfibre cloths that are blended with silver to act as an antibacterial agent. These cloths only need to be moistened with water to work their magic! The fibres in Norwex cloths are so finely split that they act like tiny fingers that pick up and hold onto any particles found on practically any surface. These particles remain in the fibres of the cloth until rinsed out with warm or hot water. If any of the particles happen to be living organisms (like bacteria) the silver element woven into the fibres will suffocate them. Silver basically removes oxygen from the immediate area, causing all respiring cells to die, and effectively acting as an antibacterial agent minus all the toxic chemicals that are currently used to kill bacteria.

For me, this step with using and promoting Norwex is a step along the path to cleaner and simpler living. Cleaning time in my house now takes a quarter of the time it used to. A quick wipe over most surfaces in my home and I know each surface is totally clean and there is no residue left from heavily scented chemical sprays and polishes. I can relax about rinsing the cloths and mop heads in the sink because they won’t put any extra strain on the water purification systems; I can be reassured that my pets aren’t inadvertently ingesting toxins from my cleaning products because I only use water. And, because Norwex has a line of softer, microfibre cloths designed for skin, I can be sure I am not adding unnecessary chemicals to my body via my skin with soaps! These products are revolutionizing the way I clean and care for myself, and I am so glad that they are also helping me reduce my carbon foot print. I use a lot less water as well when cleaning because by folding the cloths into quarters, I am able to use each side before rinsing out the dirt. That’s 8 different surfaces, and that usually gets most of my daily cleaning done (kitchen counter, stove, dining table, dresser, shelves, sink, mirror, toilet). With this frequent quick rhythm most days, I find I don’t have to slave for hours on the weekends to catch up with all I didn’t clean during the week. Another bonus to using these products is that I no longer have to buy bottles, cans and other packaged items to clean with. These items are therefore not going to end up in the landfill or having to be recycled (which uses a fair amount of energy). With all this extra time on my hands I can spend more time doing what I love. This then makes me happy and calm and so I do not pollute the world with negativity and stress! It’s a holistic cycle, all starting with a little silver-lined microfibre cloth!

See more about Norwex HERE


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