Tips for Easy Juicing

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If you have seen or read some information about how fantastic and healthy fresh juicing is, that is AWESOME! It is. It can help the body heal from chronic illnesses like cancer and diabetes as well as defeat the common cold FOR GOOD! It is definitely worth adding to your health regime. However, a newbie to juicing can be very overwhelmed – I know I was. There’s a relatively large new machine to work and then there’s all that prep and clean-up, and what the heck do you juice anyway? I want something that tastes good! Is it worth the time and effort? YES! And this blog post is going to give you a couple of simple and quick tips on how to take the ‘over’ out of the ‘whelm’!

Firstly you should figure out which is your favourite recipe (mine is green lemonade and I’ll include the recipe at the end of this post). Then go shopping for your fruit and veggies! Get enough for a full week, and make as much of it organic as possible. This is healthiest for your body but it’s also MUCH easier and faster to wash and prep! Without the pesticides you don’t need to peel stuff or soak leafy veggies in the cleaning spritzers or vinegar for 20 minutes. All that’s needed is a quick scrub for the crisper stuff and rinsing under water for leafy stuff.

So here’s the super simple and quick prep for easy first-thing-in-the-morning-green-juice:

  • As you prepare the side-salad for dinner (or large salad as your main meal), pull out the fruit and veggies that you will require for your next morning’s green juice.
  • Wash everything together; leave your juice greens propped up in your dish drainer to dry a bit while you chop and deal with your salad.
  • After salad is done, but before adding the dressing, chop anything that is too big to go through your juicer’s feeder. Place the heavier, wetter items in the bottom of a strong ziplock bag or other lid-sealed container, then carefully fold the leaves and place on the top.
  • Place sealed bag or container in a prominent place in the fridge for easy retrieval in the morning.
  • Add dressing to your salad, toss and enjoy your dinner, knowing your morning routine is ready to go!

Take pleasure in the little things you do for yourself that make your mornings run more smoothly. This tip really only adds seconds to prepping a daily salad! Next is the clean-up in the morning… no sweat!

  • After you have poured your green juice into your favourite glass and added your favourite coloured straw, take a brief sip of refreshing, healing goodness! Then place to one side of the sink, away from your juicer.
  • Open up the juicer and take apart all the pieces and put them in the sink.
  • Take 2 sips of juice.
  • Empty pulp into compost, vermicompost or feed into the waste-disposal.
  • Take 3 sips of juice.
  • Rinse all parts of juicer thoroughly with warm-hot water.
  • Take 4 sips of juice.
  • Scrub the mesh basket with a bristle brush to get all bits of pulp free.
  • Stack all pieces in a rack to dry.
  • Take the rest of your juice with you for the rest of your morning routine.

My personal routine is this – feed cats, make green juice and clean up, get in the shower, eat a light breakfast, pack a snack, go to work… Ultimately you have to work out the best scenario for you, but my juice routine takes me between 10 – 15 minutes from start to finish. It’s totally worth it. It’s best NOT to chug the juice down quickly because you want your digestive enzymes to wake up and help you absorb as much of the nutrients from your green magic. I start off with chugging water to flush my system and get it ready for my green juice. Plus I just love savouring the flavour as it tickles over my taste buds!

Here’s my recipe for Green Lemonade (there are several varieties out there!)

3-4 stalks of celery

1 large cucumber

1 golden delicious apple

1 lemon

3 large curly kale leaves

5-6 romaine leaves

2 handfuls of parsley (flat or curly)

  1. Hey Kirstie, I am inspired to brush the dust off my juicer….It feels like the cleaning up is not worth the little bit it makes…but i am going to do it for a week and see how it goes. Your picture of the fruits/veggies is a great guide!

    • It takes a fair amount of produce to get a decent glass of juice. Aim for at least 3 cups. Many recipes yield 4 cups! I like to drink half and eat half as a salad. Once you get a routine going you’ll be hooked. My body dances on the inside now without having to rumble!! 😉 Let me know how it goes!

      • do you drink 3 cups worth every day or do you use it over another day?

      • I make between 2 and 3 cups a day. You should drink whatever you juice within at least 6 hours of making it. To store, make sure you seal it in a mason-type jar with as little air space in it as possible and place in fridge. The reason is when the fruit and veg is mashed and squeezed in the juicer (centrifugal – most common type) the produce is torn apart and experiences friction and some heat. This immediately causes enzymes to lose their nutrient value via oxidization. We can’t stop it but it is possible to slow it down. The best option is to drink the juice right after making it. Sip on it gently for the next half hour and it will go down easier every time. If you use a masticating juicer, this isn’t as much of an issue and theoretically your juice could last longer. Here’s a link for more info:

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