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The person who makes your heart flutter.

The person who warms your face into a smile.

The person who you want to improve yourself on every level for.

The person who knows just how to hold you.

The person who knows just what to say and when.

The person who comforts you with a word.

The person you want to seduce.

The person who rocks your world with a glance.

The person who doesn’t let you give up.

The person who you cherish with every fibre of your being.

The person who draws your thoughts into frisky daydreams.

The person who brings you into the Present.

The person who is always there for you.

The person who believes in you totally and unreservedly. 

The person who challenges you to grow.

The person who loves you unconditionally.

Give yourself your best treatment, and treat yourself as you would your lover. You deserve it everyday, no matter what. Loving yourself in all ways is the most rewarding experience. For from love comes more love and then inspiration.  We reflect that which is inside us, out onto the places, people and events that surround us. 

Be in Love with YourSelf!



‘Living in Love with Yourself’, Barry A. Ellsworth.

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