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Did you know –  because I didn’t until yesterday! – that a human’s diet is supposed to be composed of 50% leafy greens? Yah-huh! I know!!! Like, WHAT??? I thought I was doing rather well in my little world of me, myself and I (and 3 cats) with green smoothies every morning and a good leafy salad at dinner and mainly berries, seeds and an egg or quinoa bean mess in between. But HALF my in-take of food be leafy greens? Not me. I perhaps have about 30%… on a good day. Anyway, I learned this from Victoria Boutenko’s book, ‘Green For Life’. I got the audio book and listened to it on my 11 hour drive to New Hampshire yesterday. Here’s the most interesting thing about green stuff (chlorophyl) and the fibre that we NEED to be fully functioning and self-healing creatures:

1. Chlorophyl is liquid sunlight. We need sunlight to survive.

2. Chlorophyl is the closest thing in nature to our own blood! It is instantly absorbed into our bodies and rejuvenates us.

3. The fibre is a crucial aspect. We must have it. Fibre (and this is Victoria’s awesome analogy) is like a sponge going through our excretory system. It soaks up all the smaller toxins that our body is flushing out and carries it out in our poop. If we don’t have the fibre to carry it out, it gets stored in us, most commonly as fat cells.

4. About 70 – 100 lbs of our excrement each year is actually our own dead and toxic cells (or should be!). These cells can’t leave our body on their own. They need a ‘carrier’. The fibre from our greens.

5. Over the centuries humans have become less and less healthy due to diet changes. So now our teeth and jaws can’t actually chew up the cellulose in all these greens enough to make the digestion process and absorption of nutrients efficient.

6. Blending your greens into delicious smoothies is the perfect answer to getting all the greens you need to heal your body from just about every disease you can name!

In my opinion, having a large (32 oz.) green smoothie for breakfast is the best thing to start with. Don’t change the rest of your diet. Not until you feel ready. You will notice the benefits in just a few days. Here are my favourite ingredients and a couple images of how I fill my blender. (A quick thing on blenders… We all wish we could drop the $500 for a Vitamix or Blendtech, but my reality prevents me from this right now, but this is the thing: as long as your blender has sharp blades, you can do green smoothies just fine. The 1 – 2 horsepower of the super blenders means that no matter whether the blades are sharp or not, the produce will still be pulverized enough for us to be able to digest it well. So for now, make sure your blades are sharp, and the blender will still work for you.)

Stack the blender like this – leaves on top:


Some fav’ ingredients I always include:

Image  Image

Rotate and combine types of leafy greens throughout the seasons – kale, spinach, dandelions, parsley… your imagination is your limit. There are also wonderful eBooks and free online recipes all over the web.

Image           Image

Tell everyone you know about the magic deliciousness of green smoothies! Take it with you places and let friends, family and nice, clean-looking strangers try some! *giggle* At the end of ‘Green For Life’ there are testimonials of people who healed themselves with green smoothies – things from warts to cancer to diabetes to arthritis to depression. The leafy greens truly are magical. We don’t know what we’ve been missing. Do it for a week and start with this recipe: 3 cups of spinach, 2 cups water, 2 bananas, half a mango, third of a pineapple. If the colour green puts you off, replace the mango or pineapple with blueberries. They turn it dark blue and delicious and it’s still excellent for you. It’s meant to be BIG. And it will fill you UP! Yummmm!!!

  1. I’m surprised, and mildly disgusted, to know what I now know about my elimination. And here I’ve been thinking my salad intake is so much better. Yikes! 50% should be green!??

    • Yes! I feel the same way! Remember, such a large amount of leafy greens per day is quite impossible to eat via chewing in salads (mainly due to our jaws de-volving from our pre-homo-sapien selves). This is why blending is soooo much more convenient. When you do eat salads, make sure to chew WAY more, to make sure you break down as much of the cellulose so that nutrition absorption can be most efficient!

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