The Magic of Chlorophyll video

In Uncategorized on August 16, 2012 at 6:25 pm

Having recently found a new talent and joy in filming and editing little videos, I shall share my latest bit of silliness! You know I love all things chlorophyll related, and so I made this as a bit of a tribute to it. Reading the science and research articles about health and foods can get tiresome and heavy, but it really has the opposite effect when you ingest the good, green magic of chlorophyll – whether you juice, blend, steam or crunch it up raw. And it isn’t “magic,” it just feels magical – like unicorns, wands and animated inanimate objects really DO exist… well they do… (stage whispered) IN YOUR MIND!
Enjoy my Dance Through Life!

  1. omg. That was brilliant. You are a hoot!!! And, never having heard your voice before, I didn’t realize you’re a Brit! And I must disagree slightly…it most certainly IS magic!!! It exists in my world anyway!!! Thanks for sharing your green juice and green smoothie video, plus the ingredients and that wonderful Booty Swing!! I enjoyed seeing your morning hair and the transformation…what a green goddess you are!!! Thanks!!

  2. I just commented on your blog. You are really too much!!! Lots ‘o’ love, Jill

  3. you are so cute!

  4. Fun video Kirstie. The ingredient list went way too fast for me. I would love to see them written out on your blog if you are up to it.
    Love your kitchen too!

    • Thanks! I shot that in my parents’ kitchen. It’s got that useful island and great lighting. My own kitchen is not so posh! If you pause the video while the credits run, you should be able to see the list of ingredients! I forget what I used now! I switch it up everyday just a bit, to keep it interesting.
      Thanks for watching!XOXOXO

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