About Kirstie

This blog’s focus was primarily about my Nia journey, but as the journey evolves I also share information and inspiration about creating and maintaining delicious holistic lifestyles.

For starters, the Nia Technique is an integral part of my life. Everyday I am grateful for the gifts Nia brings and has brought me. I am a woman who loves to dance. I dance for many many reasons. Fitness. Pleasure. Healing. Fun. Comfort. Release. Growth. Community. Charity. Education. Inspiration. Entertainment. Enlightenment. I dance for myself, and therefore dance for everyone and everything. Dance is my meditation, my church, my guide, my happy place. Nia provides a framework with which I direct my focus for a period of time in a routine, and then holistically to my life. This framework encompasses all areas of my life and therefore brings insight, clarity and progress to it. Something important to know about me is that, I do not want to be defined by what I do. Not ultimately. What I do IS important, but it isn’t WHO I AM. Every living entity is undefinable really. Defining ourselves is limiting. And we are UNlimited. Many people believe we are limited in various ways, but I know we are not. So! I live in the present moment as much as possible and I want to share and communicate the sensations from these precious moments here. Then perhaps you will enjoy sensing that eternal moment we call Life in the Now, as much as I do.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to comment below and I’ll be happy to indulge you. Dance through life!

Dance. Play. Love.

  1. I’ve been teaching Nia in NYC since 1998. Somehow, I came upon your blog today. REALLY GREAT! Love your description of Nia. Jim

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