Beautiful Living IS Simple

De-clutter your life and experience renewed energy and zest for living!

  • Downsizing? Moving elderly loved ones to a senior’s residence and don’t know how to cope with the house filled with a lifetime of memories?
  • Suffering a sudden loss of a loved one? I have been there personally, and am sensitive to the needs and time required to move through the material ‘stuff’ to help make your grieving process more manageable and bearable.
  • Your children have grown and flown the nest, and now your dream of a craft room looms… need help organizing a beautiful and enticing creative space?
  • The kids’ hockey equipment is taking over the garage!!! And like a normal person, I’d like to park my car INSIDE in the winter! Help!
  • You know you should eat healthier, but you’re always tempted by sugary, carby things in the fridge and cupboards. Make use of my Kitchen Make-Over program to support your health and fitness priorities.

Please use the contact form below to get in touch with me so we can discuss what your needs are, in case you do not see what you need listed in the points above. I am open to new ideas and love getting creative!

Are you someone who…feel_stress

– feels overwhelmed by daily tasks?

– feels overloaded with too many things to do?

– is strapped for time even for eating healthily or exercising?

can’t seem to find anything when you need it most?

I help you to…organized-garage

– create systems of organization

prioritize what is most important to you

– organize and harmonize work, food, living and storage spaces

SmartBusyWomanThis then allows you…

– to be calm every day

– to be your most efficient at home and at work

– to access greater creativity because of reduced stress

– to feel confident that you can succeed in all you want to do

– to maintain peace and organization

Do you have a dark room or corner in a room that haunts you? You KNOW it needs clearing up but you just can’t find the time to do it? Well, ask me to do it for you!

organized-laundry-roomOffices, closets, pantries, garages, basements, living rooms, kids’ rooms, kitchens, your fridge… basically anywhere! Whether you have recently moved and need help unpacking, or if your office space had just crept up on you over the years, I have methods and strategies to help you create and keep a system of order that suits YOUR personality and style.

kirstie-headshot-13My skill set:

Firstly, early in October 2013, literally a few weeks after launching this BLISS business, I lost my mother to a sudden heart attack. At first I was left reeling and had to pause my business launch to deal with all the stuff that accompanies death in the family. A few months later I realized I am now sensitively and personally aware of what is required when helping a person deal with the decluttering and downsizing that needs to take place after the loss of a loved one. I am cognizant of the emotional drain that occurs when working through personal items, and I’m more than willing to come up with a plan and strategies to help you, if this is the job you are currently facing.

Secondly, with a decade of Montessori teaching experience behind me, I am an expert in preparing any environment for efficient use as well as stylish appeal. I am sensitive to your personal needs as well as firm with follow-through on projects. Creating new habits and new forms of organization is challenging at first; however when you start to feel the rewards in extra time and easier daily routines, you will be overjoyed! Imagine feeling serene and joyful in any space in your house, cottage or work area, AND knowing exactly where to find what you need!

THAT is the feeling of Beautiful Living.


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