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Decluttering : Space : : Detoxing : Body – Part 1

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There once was a beautiful house with high ceilings, large windows, spacious rooms and a lovely warm light flooded in through those large windows. A family fell in love with it and decided to move in. They bought, beds and couches, tables and shelves. They stacked the shelves and filled the closets and drawers until everything was full. Everything had a special place, and they were happy and settled.

The new home was clean and cozy, a perfect retreat for the end of a busy day in their new town. School had its new challenges for the children, and work was tough and tiring for the parents. Most nights everyone was too tired to do the dishes after dinner. And first thing in the morning, Dad had to take Josh to early morning swim practice, and this made Mum mad and she didn’t want to do the dishes all by herself. Ivy was just too small to help her. But she did them anyway. Then Josh’s room started to overflow into the hallway, and Ivy’s toys were strewn all over the house. Dad’s shoes were never in a neat row and Mum’s work papers kept getting lost on piles of papers on the dining table – where no one ate anymore because there was no room! Josh could never find any clean clothes, so new ones would be bought. Mum couldn’t find anywhere to store her work things, so she went to Ikea and bought a bunch of lovely neat boxes to use. But when she got home, she couldn’t find a good place to put them! So they sat in the entrance way, unopened. Dad couldn’t find his golf clubs and thought he must have given them away, so he went to buy new ones. Now those live in the entrance way too. One day Ivy stumbled and fell into them, and the whole bag of hard metallic clubs fell on her and she got a bad bruise!

Mum got really angry and told Dad he needed to move the stupid clubs or she would throw them away! After a big argument Dad put his clubs in the bedroom which made it really difficult to open the door properly. Then Dad took Mum’s new Ikea boxes and yelled that she needed to do something with them because he had to move his clubs from the entrance hall, so she had to as well! So Mum took them and crammed them, still unopened into a corner of her closet, squashing all her sweaters making them all crumpled. So now everyone in the new house was sad, hurt and angry, and the house was all a jumbled mess. Getting ready to go took an extra long time, and coming home felt depressing because it was so confusing and ugly everywhere. It felt like they always had to eat in the car because they were always late and needed drive through just to stay fed. Soon Mum started looking at new houses because she didn’t like this one anymore…



There was once a beautiful boy with bright eyes, curious fingers and strong legs. His name is Billy. Everyday he grew more and more and more and soon he could walk and run and chase other little children in the park and playground. He started going to school and learned to play sports and how to use his words to communicate. He had a lunch box to carry his food and always had a white bread sandwich with a slice of meat and cheese between them, a chocolate milk, a bunch of grapes and a granola bar. When he was learning his multiplication tables one day he suddenly got really tired. He couldn’t remember how to do this set of numbers, but he knew he had done it only yesterday! But then the bell rang and it was time for the nutrition break. So our beautiful boy went to get his lunchbox and have his grapes. He went to play on the monkey bars too and when he came back inside, he remembered how to do the  multiplication table! When he got home he told his parents and they were so proud they said, “You can watch an extra hour of TV tonight!”

Now Billy is 16 and he works out in the school’s gym because he is on the rugby team. You have to be strong to play rugby, and you have to be fast. So Billy lifts weights with his team mates everyday and he also goes running on the track. But sometimes he just can’t lift enough, and he feels bad because his team mates can lift more. And when they run, he is often left in the back and runs out of energy… his muscles just can’t go on. This makes him sad. But one of his team mates says, “Don’t worry about it. You’ll keep training, and you’ll get faster and stronger! I know how to make you feel better. There’s a party this weekend, you should come! It will be fun!”

At the party Billy has a blast. He drinks beer, tries smoking pot and likes it, plays strip poker with some pretty girls and falls asleep really easily afterwards. In the morning he walks home with some other guys who stayed over and they all agreed to party more often. It felt great, and it was fun. So the next weekend, they do it again. This time someone says they should order pizza, and it was amazing! That was their new ritual – order pizza at midnight to satisfy their munchies. The guys keep going to the gym and lifting and running, but the group who have the party every weekend keep getting slower, they get heavier, and some have trouble breathing while they run. So they drop out of the team. Billy tries to stay  on the team a bit longer, but he misses his buddies. So he drops off the team too.

It’s Billy’s graduation now and he has a great university offering a scholarship for him. Since dropping off the rugby team, Billy found out that he really liked gaming and that it also fit in really well with his enjoyment of partying, so he gamed a lot, and got really good at a lot of games. Then he started messing around with making his own games and this was fun because he loved numbers thankfully! But over the years of sitting at his computer, drinking pop and beer, smoking and eating fast food, he had developed bad posture, acne, and was overweight. He didn’t always feel very good, but he knew that once he got to university he would make a new start…


When we overload ourselves in some way and eschew a simple system to keep a basic routine, life can seem excruciatingly difficult and arduous. Stay tuned for the flip side of these two stories.


Smooth Move

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Did you know –  because I didn’t until yesterday! – that a human’s diet is supposed to be composed of 50% leafy greens? Yah-huh! I know!!! Like, WHAT??? I thought I was doing rather well in my little world of me, myself and I (and 3 cats) with green smoothies every morning and a good leafy salad at dinner and mainly berries, seeds and an egg or quinoa bean mess in between. But HALF my in-take of food be leafy greens? Not me. I perhaps have about 30%… on a good day. Anyway, I learned this from Victoria Boutenko’s book, ‘Green For Life’. I got the audio book and listened to it on my 11 hour drive to New Hampshire yesterday. Here’s the most interesting thing about green stuff (chlorophyl) and the fibre that we NEED to be fully functioning and self-healing creatures:

1. Chlorophyl is liquid sunlight. We need sunlight to survive.

2. Chlorophyl is the closest thing in nature to our own blood! It is instantly absorbed into our bodies and rejuvenates us.

3. The fibre is a crucial aspect. We must have it. Fibre (and this is Victoria’s awesome analogy) is like a sponge going through our excretory system. It soaks up all the smaller toxins that our body is flushing out and carries it out in our poop. If we don’t have the fibre to carry it out, it gets stored in us, most commonly as fat cells.

4. About 70 – 100 lbs of our excrement each year is actually our own dead and toxic cells (or should be!). These cells can’t leave our body on their own. They need a ‘carrier’. The fibre from our greens.

5. Over the centuries humans have become less and less healthy due to diet changes. So now our teeth and jaws can’t actually chew up the cellulose in all these greens enough to make the digestion process and absorption of nutrients efficient.

6. Blending your greens into delicious smoothies is the perfect answer to getting all the greens you need to heal your body from just about every disease you can name!

In my opinion, having a large (32 oz.) green smoothie for breakfast is the best thing to start with. Don’t change the rest of your diet. Not until you feel ready. You will notice the benefits in just a few days. Here are my favourite ingredients and a couple images of how I fill my blender. (A quick thing on blenders… We all wish we could drop the $500 for a Vitamix or Blendtech, but my reality prevents me from this right now, but this is the thing: as long as your blender has sharp blades, you can do green smoothies just fine. The 1 – 2 horsepower of the super blenders means that no matter whether the blades are sharp or not, the produce will still be pulverized enough for us to be able to digest it well. So for now, make sure your blades are sharp, and the blender will still work for you.)

Stack the blender like this – leaves on top:


Some fav’ ingredients I always include:

Image  Image

Rotate and combine types of leafy greens throughout the seasons – kale, spinach, dandelions, parsley… your imagination is your limit. There are also wonderful eBooks and free online recipes all over the web.

Image           Image

Tell everyone you know about the magic deliciousness of green smoothies! Take it with you places and let friends, family and nice, clean-looking strangers try some! *giggle* At the end of ‘Green For Life’ there are testimonials of people who healed themselves with green smoothies – things from warts to cancer to diabetes to arthritis to depression. The leafy greens truly are magical. We don’t know what we’ve been missing. Do it for a week and start with this recipe: 3 cups of spinach, 2 cups water, 2 bananas, half a mango, third of a pineapple. If the colour green puts you off, replace the mango or pineapple with blueberries. They turn it dark blue and delicious and it’s still excellent for you. It’s meant to be BIG. And it will fill you UP! Yummmm!!!

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