Nia for the Summer

Nia in Waterloo Park – Sunday, August 12th, 10am & Tuesday, August 21st, 5:30pm

Frolic-FeastCome and dance Nia (a sensory-based design system for sustainability of movement in the body) with me in Waterloo Park and bring an easy finger food for nibbles and giggles afterwards! Melons, fruit, pita and hummus, veggies… no need to be fancy! A bit of a frolic and foodies to celebrate this season and enjoy each other!

We meet at the pavilion picnic area on the Westmount Rd side of the park, and then meander down towards some trees to dance. There is plenty of free parking. 🙂

**This date is directly following a powerful New Moon (also a super moon) and solar eclipse on August 11th. The energies are potent with all these heavenly bodies orbiting in these patterns and the moon passing so close to Earth, that you may want to consider creating an intention for yourself to bring to the dance when we gather on the Sunday morning! Adding movement to act of intention or goal setting is incredibly powerful and also fulfilling!**

Come as you are – come late and join in – leave early – it’s super relaxed 🙂

You may also bring a cash donation on a Pay What You Can scale. Bring your own water and mat or towel for the floorplay.


Classes: July 19th – August 23rd


A Lunch Break Shake-down! 1 – 2 PM


Registration is open!  At Waterloo Recreation Complex – We will be dancing upstairs. For the 6-week session, please register HERE. You are also welcome to drop-in; please sign-in and pay at the front desk.


freedom_outsideNia in the Park

Come to frolic in the park to celebrate the the gorgeous summer season in dance! Bring a shareable finger-food snack for after we dance for nibbling and giggling 🙂 You may also bring a cash donation on a Pay What You Can scale. Bring your own water and mat or towel for the Floorplay.

Tuesday, July 31st, 5:30p – Victoria Park in Kitchener by the gazebo on the island across from the Boathouse.

Sunday, August 12th, 10a – Waterloo park – We meet just down from the pavilion on the Westmount Rd side of the park.

Tuesday, August 21st, 5:30p, Waterloo Park – as above.